Be Benevolent and Noble;Pursue Excellence
The First Hospital of Lanzhou University has developed into a comprehensive modern hospital,providing medical service,teaching,scientific research,prevention,healthcare,rehabilitation as well as emergency treatment.It keeps staying in the frontier of disciplines development.In the past years,the hospital has made great contribution in promoting medical education,promoting healtheare service,safeguarding local folks' health,and developing local economy and social welfare.

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On November 5, 2019, Caporossi Michele, President of the Union Hospital of Ancona University, Giovagnoni Andrea, former …

Recently, Dean Li Xun, Vice President Wang Wenji and other five experts of the First Hospital of Lanzhou University (LZU…

From 23 to 25, October, Dean Li Xun and other experts of the First Hospital of Lanzhou University (LZUFH) were invited …

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